Capture and convert

Collect visitor details and use proactive messages to find your best customers.

Proactively message returning visitors while they're browsing your website.

By identifying visitors from their first visit on, you can use automations to send them tailored messages through all modules when they return or trigger a pre-defined action. This can help proactively answer any questions they might have and connect with them early on to see if they are a good fit for your product and vice versa.

Collect contact details ans segment visitors

Use forms or the simple JavaScript API to push infromation about your visitors and customers into True Fans, where they can be used to segment your audience. Once you've created segments and collected more traits, you can utilize them in all True Fans modules and improve your communication even more.

Capture more leads with personalized content

Once you've collected more information about a potential customer, you can use personalizations to make every interaction a little more tailored and thereby increase the chance of converting them into customers.

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Support and retain

Show customers that you care and help them succeed faster at any stage.

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Onboard and engage

Segment your users and send the perfect message at the right time.

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