Dynamically change the content on your website and enrich it with personal data, tailored to your customers.

Personalizations can make use of all the traits you have collected manually or through other modules before and allow you to change content directly on your website, through a custom tag. When displayed, the content will replace variables with the collected traits, so it is tailored to every user individually.

True Fans personalization editor

Increase engagement

Delight your users by creating more welcoming content that speaks to them directly.

Solid fallbacks

When embedding a tag, simply provide a sane fallback that will be shown if traits are not available.

Easy integration

Every tag is just a custom HTML elements, ready for you to copy and paste on your own page.

Fully integrated with all other modules

Benefit from all the traits you have collected through modules or manually to power personalizations.

Benefit from a more personal approach to customer communication

Personalization is known to increase trustworthiness perception, engagement, and loyalty, which makes it a strong tool for online businesses when communicating any kind of information to their customers and visitors.

More than Personalization

Adding personalizations to your site is just one of our tools, but True Fans has more to offer than just that. Pick and choose the right tools that your business needs to improve the way you communicate with your customers. Help them succeed and increase engagement through the whole customer lifeycle.

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