Collect leads and get answers to important questions, while automatically grouping everybody who uses your forms into a distinct segment.

Forms allow you to easily set up multiple forms and embed them on your own site. All form submits will automatically be tracked inside True Fans and additional fields you define can immediately be used as custom traits for automations and more. Additionally each form can be configured to segment your audience into different groups, making it easier to identify the right group later down the road.

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Easily embeddable

Create forms with the WYSIWYG editor and get an automatically generated embed-code, ready to paste.

Customize the look and feel

Make the forms align with your brand and customize everything about them.

Decide what happens after submitting

Set a default behavior for successful form submissions and make sure your users get the right feedback.

Automatically asign signups to a segment

Every submission can be used to automatically segment your users. All segments can be addressed with our other modules.

Make sure to display the form only to people who haven't submitted yet

Once submitted, you decide whether you want to display a custom message or redirect your user to another page. Once someone has submitted the form, you can define a different message they should be shown, so they don‘t see the form anymore they‘ve already signed up with.

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More than Forms

Using forms on your site to capture user data and feedback is just one of the tools we offer. Every trait you collect through forms can be used in automations and all other modules to delight your users and help them succeed.

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