Display the right personalized information at every step of the customer lifecycle.

Announcements are the perfect way to display relevant information to your customers based on custom events you set up. Announcements come in two variations: Nudges and overlays. Nudges are ideal for showing short bits of text in response to an event. Overlays can be used to display more information and span the whole window, allowing you to communicate more complex things or draw maximum attention to your message.

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Simple integration

Announcements are triggered with one line of code, calling a custom event you set up beforehand.

Custom look and feel

Adjust the look to fit your design or overwrite with custom CSS to seamlessly integrate the announcements.

The right info at the right time for each user

Trigger announcements at the right time and delight your users.

Use traits to personalize messages

All collected traits are avilable in your announcements, making them really personal.

Prepare announcements tailored to your needs and customer touchpoints

You can prepare different announcements and use them in combination with automations based on the conditions you set up. This way you can show different pre-defined announcements to different users and always at the right time in their customer journey.

Easy embeddable forms

More than Announcements

Announcements are just one way to improve your customer communication. All our tools tie into automation flows that allow you to display the right message at the right time and save yourself and your customers time.

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