What is customer communication software?

A look at the different disciplines that make up good customer communication and how software can help improving those areas.

Customer Communication Software

Customer communication software is an effective way to help you grow your business. The biggest plus of good communication is that it can affect so many different areas of a business, such as service, sales, and marketing it an incredibly powerful tool. Customer communication software has the potential to transform any company into a more efficient operation by saving time and money and most importantly, making customers happier.

So what exactly is customer communication software? It's really not just one thing - it's actually a group of tools that work together to give businesses everything they need in order to create better relationships with their customers. These tools provide different ways of helping your customers succeed and staying in touch with them throughout their entire experience inside your product and outside of it. This article will give you a broad idea of what this type of tool offers, as well as some helpful tips for getting started with improving customer communication quickly.

Good customer service is the goal

Keeping in touch with customers after they have made a purchase or interacted with your product is vital to retaining them as customers, but customer communication ideally starts much earlier. Indeed even on their first visit to your website, when you don't know anything about them, you should still be actively communicating with them. The more you know, the more personal your communication can become and the better your timing for nudging visitors to the right page or info can be, thus increasing the usefulness of your content. Ideally, as you gather more data about your visitors, your customer communication software can support you in supporting them at the right time and with the right context.

Support and documentation

Offering quick help via live chat or knowledge bases can drastically improve your customer's experience with your product, and improve the likelihood that they'll recommend you to others. Good support especially when automated, can help customers reach their goals, all while reducing your workload. As you gather more information about your customers, automated support can be a great first step to reduce your in-person support by anticipating common questions and pro-actively offering the right answers and help docs.

Segmentation of common groups

Most customer communication software lets you group your visitors and customers into segments, making it easier to show specific messages and information to exactly that batch of customers. All other areas, like support, can then benefit from your knowledge about a certain segment and what kind of information they are likely to be looking for.

A/B testing and personalization

Customer communication software also provides the tools for A/B testing your content, a strategy that involves creating two or more versions of a landing page or parts of a page and tracking the success rates to see which one is more effective. This makes it easier for you to test different pieces of content and decide which one resonates more with your audience, so you can double down on this kind of content in the future.

Credibility through reviews and testimonials

More often than not, when companies use customer communication software they report higher conversion rates with customers who are satisfied with their experience. This builds credibility between you and your customers because you show that you're willing to put in the work required to make their experience better. If you can capture that excitement in the form of testimonials and feedback, you're effectively creating a virtuous circle, because those testimonials can further increase credibility. Communication tools often make it easy to gather that feedback in a central place, where it is easy for you to access.

Gathering feedback and conducting surveys

Getting customer feedback on a regular basis can drastically impact your decision-making and increase the odds that you will make a great product. Customer communication is not a one-way street and a lot of tools offer a way to gather feedback from your customers in different formats, such as NPS, ratings, or free form answers.

Relevant announcements and hints

Being able to selectively show banners and overlays with highly tailored content that provides your customers with value, such as product announcements or discounts. This is especially useful when you've already gathered some data on your customers and have separated them into different segments.

The biggest reason why customer communication software is important to your business is that it lets you communicate with customers more effectively. This can help generate new leads and improve conversions, as well as cut down on operating costs by decreasing reliance on human labor or calls. It's about finding the right degree of automation, where your customers profit the most and in turn so does your business.