How personalization can help your customers and create a more engaging experience

An introduction to website personalization and why it makes sense to tailor the content to your users and present the right information at the right time.

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Website personalization is the process of dynamically changing the content on your website and enriching it with personal data, tailored to your customers. Personalization makes it easier to seamlessly communicate the right message at the right time, right on your website. This has multiple benefits for you and your customers, such as

  • promoting a feature to a certain user segment
  • cross-selling other products to the right segments
  • showing just the right help docs at the right point in a customer's journey
  • less time spent coding different versions of the same site for A/B testing
  • offer special discounts based on segments and even to individual users
  • ultimately increase engagement and trust which potentially leads to more sales

The web's continual progression has resulted in even more possibilities when it comes to customized content. Website personalization is a relatively new concept that has the potential to help your business grow and help your customers find their way around easier.

Many businesses are still on the fence about implementing it in their digital marketing strategies because they're not sure how to go about it or what's involved with making a website tailored specifically to their customers' needs and wants.

That's where our personalization module can help and spare you the time of developing it on your own. All collected traits can be used to enrich content right on your website and tailor your offering to the currently active user. You can provide an easy fallback, so in case a certain trait about your user is still unknown, they'll just see a more generalized version.

True Fans Personalization Editor
Example personalization with True Fans

If a user has already created an account with your service, you likely have a lot of traits tracked already. It can however also make even more sense to show personalized content to more or less anonymous users, by using our custom events to automatically add a trait to their profile based on what items or links they have clicked. This way you can make tailored recommendations, even though you haven't really acquired any personal information about visitors.

Surveys are also a great opportunity to group your visitors into segments and add traits based on their answers, making it easier to recommend products or helpful content through personalizations.

The goal of any website is typically to create brand awareness and generate sales leads, but this can only be achieved if your visitors are comfortable with the information they're being presented with. Website personalization helps with exactly that. Showing the right documentation pages and articles at the right time and for the right segment of users is also a great way to delight your customers and create a more pleasant experience.