The toolkit for successful customer communication.

Simplify your customer communications, identify visitors and automatically communicate the right information at every stage of your customer lifecycle.

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Quickly collect all kinds of information about potential customers, by setting up forms for your project.


Seamlessly show personalized notifications on your project's website, based on behaviour and predefined triggers.


Optimize the content on your website based on the data you've collected to increase its usefulness and delight your users.

Live Chat soon

Talk to your visitors and customers in realtime to help with any questions or to engage them in a conversation to gain insights.


Build a knowledgebase to help your customers succeed. Use automations and other modules to nudge them in the right direction any time.

Roadmap soon

Publish your roadmap and collect feature requests from customers. Automatically inform them once you shipped what they want.

Feedback soon

Prepare questions in different formats and automatically or manually send them to your customers or certain segments only.

Social Proof next 🚀

Show testimonials you gathered manually or automatically on your project's website. Instantly add new ones.

Rewards soon

Add a reward system to your project, letting customers collect points that can be exchanged for rewards you define.

Save time and money while also em­powering your customers

Using multiple tools

  • Customer data and automated interactions are spread across mutliple tools, glued together
  • All the different tools cost a monthly subscription fee
  • More code needs to be written for integrations that is not essential to your product
  • Time spent trying out and setting up different products adds up to multiple hours

Using True Fans

  • All customer data in one place and shared between all modules and automations
  • Only pay what you need, on a per module basis
  • Most modules are low-code or even no-code and easy to configure
  • Save yourself and your team time using a single, familiar interface that combines all modules

True Fans is a toolkit for all your customer communication needs. With powerful automations and tailored modules, it helps small businesses nurture visitors into loyal customers.

True Fans is still in early access but if you're the owner of a small business and want to get in touch to see if it is right for you, reach out and let's set something up!

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